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LCpl Christopher O’Malley
LCpl O’Malley joined the army on the 19 Jan 2004. On completion of his training he joined The 1st Battalion The Green Howards on the 26-Jul-2004. LCpl O’Malley deployed on his first tour of Afghanistan in Aug 2004 and spent 2 months with B Company in Kabul. In May 2005 LCpl O’Malley moved to A Company and in 2005 he was selected to star in a series of Infantry recruiting adverts, filmed in Chile, these were shown on television as part of a wider army recruiting drive.
In April 2006, LCpl O’Malley deployed to Bosnia with A Company where he carried out numerous roles and operations. On his return from Bosnia, LCpl O’Malley was selected for the JNCOs cadre due to his excellent performance in the Balkans. After successfully completing the NCOs cadre, LCpl O’Malley was promoted to LCpl in March 2007.
In April 2007, LCpl O’Malley began training for his second tour of Afghanistan, he deployed in September 2007 on Op HERRICK 7 as part of the 2YORKS Battlegroup as part of 52 Brigade. This deployment was again with A Company working with the OMLT (Operational Mentor Liaison Team). In March 2008 near the end of his tour LCpl O’Malley was injured in Musa Q’aleh where his team were ambushed by a Taliban position. A rocket propelled grenade was fired at his vehicle hitting the bottom of the drivers side where he was driving, subsequently injuring to both of his feet causing the loss of his toes and extensive scaring. LCpl O’Malley was evacuated from theatre via camp Bastion Hospital to the UK.
LCpl O’Malley was initially sent to Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham where he spent 6 weeks receiving surgery and rehabilitation. On the 22nd April LCpl O’Malley was released from Selly Oak Hospital and started rehabilitation at Headley Court where he has now started to learn how to walk again. It has taken several months to recover but LCpl O’Malley is has now recovered and continues to play a full role in battalion life.
LCpl O’Malley has always wanted to train as a medic and currently works at the Unit Medical Centre at Weeton Barracks.